Revolutionary War Veterans

Although a number of Revolutionary War Veterans lived here prior to 1800, the year Armstrong County was formed, it’s unlikely many lived here in 1776. Most Armstrong County veterans settled here after the war ended.

The Revolutionary War began on 19 April 1775, when a group of colonists fought the British soldiers at Lexington, Massachusetts. Hours later, in nearby Concord, colonists fired “the shot heard round the world” when they battled the British troops near a bridge. The War lasted eight years, and ended on 3 September 1783 in Paris, when the United States and Great Britain signed the final peace treaty.

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The complete title of the source cited here, “Early Deaths & Marriages”, is Early Deaths and Marriages in Armstrong County Pennsylvania From Kittanning Area Newspapers, compiled by Constance Leinweber Mateer, 1996. Closson Press, Apollo, Pennsylvania

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52 Responses to Revolutionary War Veterans

  1. Cynthia Thuma says:

    I am researching the Mizner family, of Solano County, California. The matriarch of the family was Ella Watson, of Kittanning, Penna. She married Lansing Bond Mizner and together, they went on to give birth to seven children who became rather distinguished in their various fields of endeavor, as a doctor, attorney, businessman, architect, Hollywood scriptwriter and Episcopal priest. I am hoping to learn more about Miss Watson’s background before she met Lansing Mizner. For example, there is little known of her family. I’m hoping this organization can be of assistance or anyone reading this message can provide further details. Any bits and scraps would be helpful.

    • John Clowes says:

      Hi Cynthia, not sure if you are a Familysearch user, but there is a profile on Ella Watson there. Her profile ID is LZXV-C31. There is a short biography on her profile that might add a little color to Ella’s life. It looks like her family left the Armstrong County area in 1853, at which time Ella would have been ~17 yrs old. There are a few leads about her parents, but nothing seems so certain that I could stand behind it.

  2. Stephen Schall says:

    Mathias King was also the father of George Adam King listed.

    Could Hugh Callen be the founder of Callensburg?

    • Connie Mateer says:

      Stephen, I don’t have much information on the Mathias King family. I’m glad y0u found the War Veterans which included Mathias King. I never thought about Hugh Callen as the founder of Callensburg. It could very well be. I took a quick look in my bookcases and didn’t see a quick answer to “Hugh Callen and Callensburg”.

  3. Phil Lasher says:

    My 4th G-GF Benjamin Leasure/Lasher buried in Croyle Cemetery

  4. John D Atkinson says:

    Daniel Yundt is my 4X great grandfather on My Olinger side. Melvine(Umbaugh) Olinger my grandmother, William G. Olinger my Great Grandfather, Isaac Adam Olinger my 2x great grandfather, Adam Addison Olinger my 3x Great Grandfather married Anna Maria Yount the daughter of Daniel Yount(Yundt)

  5. Dacia Reynolds Johnson says:

    I am decended from George Reynolds who is buried in the old Reynolds cemetery outside of Kittanning. No marker. he came to fight with Braddock, he was Scottish. He was wounded during the massacure and given bounty land. I know he fought with Millitia against the French, English, and Indians but find no record of a pension. he died at Huntington PA in 1796. Does anyone remember hearing anything on him? I want to know where in Scotland and if there were family left there. Is there an historian someone knows of? His family were prominent in Kittanning after he died. David Reynolds was very well known.

    • Gary Ralph Taylor says:

      I hope you see this 6 years later. I am descended from the Reynolds and Pryor’s. George Winfield Reynolds is my 3x great-grandfather. He wrote a family history and portions of it are available on Find a Grave, Family Search, Ancestry. I hope this helps.

  6. Carole Curran says:

    I am a descendant of Timothy Lennington, and have proven to the Daughters of the American Revolution, through his daughter Jane, who married John Titus. I believe that John Titus father, also John Titus, served the cause as well. After the Revolution, they settled on Glade Run, but I have been unable to prove the connection of John Titus Jr. to his father. Any help would be most appreciated.

  7. Lynn Maynard says:

    I am also descended from Timothy from his son Abraham.
    I saw one genealogy chart that said Thomas was Timothy’s father, but so far I don’t have any documentation.

  8. Heather Green says:

    I am a descendent of Timothy Lennington. I am looking for confirmation that his son was named Isaac and his father was Thomas. Do you by chance has a record of his will which may state heirs, etc. Thank you.

  9. Wendy Totos says:

    Daniel Yundt is a direct relative of mine on my paternal mother’s side. A several times grandfather. I have traced him and further back many generations

  10. Kathy Kelly (not in Westmoreland) says:

    Barring a few strays, did you know that every Kelly that was evicted or left voluntarily from Ireland to come to colonial America went to Westmoreland County, PA? And that half of them were named James? Well, anyway, that’s how it feels.
    For instance, the 1790 census has a James Jr and James Sr in Armstrong Township, Salem Township and Rostraver Township. Rostraver James are not there in 1800. Maybe its a border thing and they are the two James in South Huntingdon? Oh, look, one James is back in Rostraver in 1810. My self-appointed task is to sort these Kellys out. I have made some good progress. Alexander in Bethel, Armstrong is brother to James Sr. in Salem Township who died 1804 (not 1803 like the one in Armstrong Township). Rodger and John in Derry seem like interesting fellows that no one ever talks about. And Samuel. Everyone talks about Samuel in Armstrong. What I need are some good maps that show the border changes of the counties and townships in this area during their formations. Can anyone help with this?

  11. Kathy says:

    There was a Church Smith of Armstrong County who received a pension for service in the Indian Wars. This was the period immediately following the Revolutionary War.

  12. Daniel e smith says:

    I am a descendent of church smith. His name is only mentioned once here and it’s only for his Sarah who received a war pension for his service. I’m disappointed there is no further info on this man. If anyone knows anything at all I am more than happy to talk. We believe he is from Ireland but it’s not conclusive. Would love to continue my personal line :/.

  13. J Eich says:

    The grave marker of John Wiles, who died in 1832, states
    “War of 1812
    1st Brigade 2nd Division
    P. 234”

    Oak Grove Cemetery
    Frogtown, Armstrong, PA

  14. Rob Watt says:

    Christopher Oury was with the 8th PA Regiment at Fort Pitt under Captain Nehemia Stokely. He is listed there as Ourry along with Francis Raupp (Franz Rupp) both early settlers of Kittanning Twp. Christopher Oury’s farm is where Rupp Church Stands today. He kept a tavern along the Kittanning Path today rt 422.

  15. Carroll says:

    SERFAS, John
    John Serfas, buried in the old Schaeffer Cemetery, Burrell Township.
    Source: Newspaper article “Revolutionary Veterans Buried in Armstrong County”. Leader-Times, Kittanning. Thursday, 25 May 197_. (The last number is worn.)
    ZEARPHUS, Henry
    Henry Zearphus was residing in Armstrong Co. in 1814. In service during 1776 – 1777. He was wounded and taken at Croaked Billet in 1778. (This is more likely ‘Crooked Billet’.)r
    Are these two men the same? Is one the father of Catherine Zerfass born 1775 married to John Philip Schaeffer (Rev War)? Where is Henry Zearphus (Rev War) buried in Armstrong County ? I am unable to locate.
    Thank you, Carroll

    • Carroll says:

      Unable to get posted

    • Fred Brient says:

      The grave marker in the old Schaeffer cemetery is for John Henry Serfas/Zerfoss who was reportedly born in 1758 and died in 1831. I can prove his death date as to the year at least. He is the Rev. War veteran. He is almost always referred to as Henry as in his estate papers. His son John, never referred to as Henry as far as I can determine has no reported grave marker although I have seen his death date recorded as 1855 with no source. I believe he is also buried in the same cemetery. Many researchers are confusing father and son with some using a birth date of 1758 and a date of death of 1855? Not likely! I would love to know where some are getting the 1855 death date, I do not dispute it’s accuracy but would like to have some proof. Henry is the father of Catherine and John Zerfoss is Catherine’s brother. Catherine Elizabeth Zerfoss married John Phillip Schaeffer. John Phillip Schaeffer was not a Rev War veteran but his father Anthony was I believe. Check Armstrong County Genealogy Club Spring Quarterly 2003 for proof of Henry and son John as well as the estate file in Armstrong County. File No. 280, Henry Zerfoss, Docket 1, Page 80. I hope this helps. If no longer conveniently available I have an entire copy I will share. If you have access to check my tree titled brientorion.

      • Carroll Wilson says:

        Would you be able to give me a copy/scan of the Quarterly 2003? I cannot access Ancestry or find a copy of the quarterly. I do appreciate the info you posted. Thank you.

    • Kathy says:

      I wondered myself if John and Henry were one and the same.

    • Kathy says:

      On the ACGC Facebook group, a member said her ancestor was named John Henry Zerfoss and he died about 1831. He lived in the Brick Church area so it is possible that there was only one soldier, John Henry Zerfoss. John Serfas has a Revolutionary tombstone which reads : Byles Company 3 Pennsylvania Regiment. John Zerfosz was listed on a Kittanning Township tax list as a farmer in the year 1835. On Easter Day, 31 March 1839, Elisabeth Zerfoss, aged 20, and Mary Zerfoss, aged 19, were confirmed at St. Michael’s Lutheran, Brick Church, Burrell Township, Armstrong County, PA.

  16. Charles Calhoun says:

    Correction to my previous comment — James Calhoun wounded and taken prisoner at the Battle of Crooked Billet in May 1778, not 1788.

  17. Paul Treacy says:

    James Calhoun, b. 1775, Crrigans, County Donegal, Ireland, d. ca. 1822, Pine Twp., now Boggs Twp., Armstrong County PA, was a Lieutenant under Captain John Caldwell and L. Col. James Taylor of the 6th Bat. Lancaster Co., PA, Militia, 1781, 1782. He was wounded during his time of service. His farm is still in family hands. OPver eith generations of this family have resided on these lands. Over 200 years of recorded history.

    • Charles Calhoun says:

      This James Calhoun was born 1745 or 1747, possibly in Carrigans, immigrated from Letterkenny, County Donegal, to Lancaster County (near present day Mercersburg, Franklin County PA). His military service was as a private in Cumberland County militia (with unit from same present day Franklin county location) under Robert McCoy, wounded and taken prisoner at the Battle of Crooked Billet (near Hatboro PA) in May 1788. This information is documented in research for the DAR by Fendrick and by published acts of PA legislature granting James Calhoun and Isaac Wiley old-age annuities for their service. Web search on James Calhoun will produce these documents.

      Mr Treacy’s remarks on James Calhoun of Armstrong County are frequently cited, but appear to combine information with other James Calhoun personages from Lancaster County and should be carefully reviewed for accuracy.

    • Charles Calhoun says:

      Mr Treacy – I was trying to email you to request (or purchase) a copy of your book “The Colquhouns of Scottland, Colhouns of Ireland and the Calhouns and Colhouns of Americas” that is cited on the Find-A-Grave memorial for James Calhoun. My email is Your book is cited as including letters from Mary Abraham Walker Calhoun that would confirm James’ place of birth as Carrigans, Ireland, and information on his parentage. Thanks very much.

  18. Alexander Dunlap.
    and Elizebth Jack.

    looking for info on this family.


  19. Kathy Marcinek says:

    So many of us with old Armstrong County roots have been told we have Native American blood. DNA shows it is usually not true. I suggest you have a DNA test to prove or disprove it. Good luck!

  20. Marie Reedy says:

    I cannot add any more about the service of James McMaster but I would like to comment on John Mullen named in McMaster’s application for a pension. I’m descended from Mullen’s son Joshua who settled in Henderson, Henderson County, Kentucky by about 1820. Joshua ran a tavern there for many years. I have a letter written by Joshua inquiring about the land that was possibly due his father for his service during the Revolutionary War. John Mullen is listed as a private in military rosters. John Mullen was a shoe maker in Abbotstown and was married to Allice Abbott, descendant of John Abbott the founder of Abbotstown. There are 2 other children named in John’s will, eldest daughter Deborah and a son Ebenezer less than 14. Possibly someone can tell me what became of the children and where John Mullen and Allice were buried. Allice Abbott Mullen remarried a man named Donaldson after John Mullen died . Mullen’s death was between 15 November 1780 and 26 March 1781. Donaldson died before 1790. The Mullens are Scots and belonged to the Church of Scotland according to Mullen’s will. Others named in the will are brothers – in -law of John Mullen: James Taggert, Junior and Edward Abbett.

  21. Jan Catalogna says:

    Peter Yingst (Yeansgt) as spelled in his Rev. pension application on file at the Armstrong County Courthouse. His interrogation covers six pages detailing his movement across PA. Peter was from Germany, coming to America in 1766 aboard the ship Chance. His father Johann Heinrich Juengst (Yingst) settled in Lancaster/Lebanon County. Peter guarded Hessian prisoners of the Battle of Trenton and served serveral tours of duty as a substitute. He did not participate in any engagements. Peter settled in Armstrong County around 1830. Peter’s ancestors have been documented back to year 1400 through research done in Germany.

    • Ellen Wargo says:

      I believe I am a descendant of Peter Yingst and his father (of course) Johann Henrich Juengst (Henry Yingst) buried in the Tabor Reformed Church cemetery in Lebanon County. Coincidentally I have lived my adult life in Lebanon County. I am interested in Christina Yingst, daughter of Peter Yingst, her marriage to Peter Bolinger and their children, specifically a Elizabeth Yingst who married George Cline.

  22. About JOHN HARTMAN, son of Revolutionary War Soldier MICHAEL HARTMAN …

    His great granddaughter, my aunt Rebecca Nitsche whose mother Anna LaRue Moore was daughter of Rebecca Olinger, daughter of Anna Maria Hartman, a daughter of John Hartman, told me John had married a Leni Lenapi Indian girl named “Sarina.” Everything else Aunt Becka told me about family history seems to be true, but I don’t know how to validate this connection. Any ideas?

  23. Georgia Hileman Halloran says:

    I descend from PETER HEILMAN/HILEMAN. Peter was born in 1751 Sept. 28( according to German chrusrch record on LDS film # 193854) and he came to America in 1753. I also doubt that this Christain, bn 1710, is his father -I believe it was his brother .

    • Will Christman says:

      I just wanted to let Georgia Hileman Halloran know that I have an orphan’s court abstract from Westmoreland County, Docket A, 23 June 1806. Petition of Nicholas Snider, administrator of Christian Hyleman dec’d, stating that the deceased left a widow and six children (Polly, Betsy, Isaac, Peggy, Sally, and Christiana), all of whom are minors under the age of 14 years; and requesting the Court that Jacob Christman and Frederick (Sheveler ?) be appointed guardians over their persons and estates until they arrive at the age of 14 years. Approved. I also have a Peter Helman (Heilman?) in the Westmoreland County, Mount Pleasant Township, 1790 Federal Census a few entries underneath my family.

      I have been looking for the family of my 4x great grand father, Jacob Chrtistman (1760-1832) who married Elizabeth Lauffer and resided in Westmoreland County, Mount Pleasant Township, attended Greensburg Lutheran Church. I’ve been at a brick wall for quite a few years now. Because of these Heilman records, an entry for Elias and Ruth Christman of Bedford County at Greensburg Lutheran (I think Ruth Christman’s grandmother was Anna Catherine Heilman) I’m wondering if my Jacob could be connected to them even though I’ve already looked there and their Y-DNA is supossedly R1b and mine is R1A1. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

      • Kathy Marcinek says:

        This is interesting. I live in the area of Kittanning Township where these Heilmans settled. I think the name you couldn’t quite make out was Frederick Schaeffer, probably spelled wrong. I’m not sure of that, though.

        Looks like a lot more research is needed here.

    • Faith Jack says:

      I am also a descendant of Christian/Peter/Solomon Heilman. Johann Christian Hileman/Heilman b 1709, baptised 1710 d 1790 was Peter Hileman’s father.

      • Sandra Rhodes (Sandi Thompson) says:

        This is really interesting, as DAR I am a direct descendant of Peter Heilman. I so much need to come visit to understand and learn more about my family.

  24. j.guthrie says:

    is there a book called captive tale written by joseph brownlee guthrie

    • D. Kathy Marcinek says:

      I have never heard of it but it is possible. I’ll do some snooping.

    • D. Kathy Marcinek says:

      There is a book titled “American Guthrie and Allied Families”, 1934, by Guthrie, Laurence R.

    • D. Crowley says:

      Yes, there was a book written about Elizabeth Guthrie by her last son, Joseph Brownlee Guthrie. It is not in print but wouldn’t it be wonderful if it were found in someone’s attic in Pennsylvania. Elizabeth Guthrie was my great , great, great, great, great grandmother.

      • Michelle McGaffic says:

        I am also related to Elizabeth Brownlee Guthrie through my grandfather who was a Keener. His mother was a Beatty. There is a book called Capitve’s Tale. I think I have it as I have most of his things now. I remember going with him to Hannas Town and he bought it there in the gift shop.

  25. Ken Kelly says:

    My ancestor, Edward Kelley, served with the Cumberland County Militia of PA during the Revolutionary War. He was living in Redbank Twp, Armstrong County PA at the time of his death in 1814. Has anyone previously looked into the location of his grave? Do you have volunteers that research the location of their farm, church, etc. as possible locations of his remains? Or what do you recommend, in order to try to locate him, please? Thank you very much for any possible assistance.
    Ken Kelly

  26. Note: Did Morici Lewis, Uncle of Ezekiel, have any son &/or grandson named John Onezime Lewis, born 1799 in Eastern Twp, PQ, near Vermont Border ??

    Is there a complete list of the sons and grandsons of Captain James Lewis that would include Ezekiel and Silas.
    Final: Is there a list of the sons of Ezekiel and Silas – born 1795-1805 approx ??

  27. 1776-1812-2012 More than 200 Years of Peace Celebrations across North America- July 1-4 – especially – along the St Lawrence River!

    Dr Louis Hebert/Forestell Tree/Trunk/Branches/Twigs PQ is completed except for the ancestors of John Onesime Lewis, b 1799, husband of Jessie Easton, b 1805; and, settled near Thomasburg-Stoco-Tweed, Hungerford Twp/Hastings County, Ontario.

    Note: Marguerite Matilda Lewis, born 1830, daughter of Jessie/John Lewis, was the wife of James Tobias Forestell, grandmother of Grand-father James Lewis Forestell.

    Do you know if Ezekiel – Silas O- Thomas Lewis, Eastern-Shefford-Sutton twp PQ; &/or William Lewis of Vermont are ancestors to John Onesime Lewis, near Thomasburg-Stoco, Ontario ?? Sincerely E Cumin

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