GARY, Richard

Revolutionary War Pension File #R3933. Richard GARY aka Gary DICK.
15 March 1824, Richard GARY, aged 69 and a resident of Buffalo Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, appeared before the Court in Kittanning to apply for a pension. He appeared before the Court again on 18 September 1832, then aged 81 (sic) and still a resident of Buffalo Township. He had enlisted March 1776 in Baltimore, Maryland. He states that while in the Army he was called Gary DICK.

I do not have proof that he is buried in Armstrong County. At the Union Baptist Church Cemetery in North Buffalo Township, Armstrong County, there is a tombstone for Mary GEARY, wife of Richard GEARY, died 3 February 1856. Her age was illegible. There is also a tombstone for John GEARY, died 11 April 1871, aged 69 years 10 months ? days. John Geary’s wife has a tombstone and there is a James GEARY that died in 1863, aged 26 years.


Revolutionary soldier Richard Gary is possibly Richard Geary. He served under the name Gary Dick.

GIBSON, Gideon

GIBSON, Gideon. Buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery in Parker, Armstrong County. Also served in the Indian Wars. (Source: Cemetery Records, Veterans. And “Early History of PA.” by Iscrupe.) Gibson was born on 3 March 1764 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania; he died on 10 February 1843. Wife was Abigail and they were married on 5 July 1804 in Venango, Butler County, Pennsylvania.
While a resident of Snake Spring Valley, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, Gideon enlisted three times and served with Capt. John Moore’s Pennsylvania Company at Moore’s Fort, guarding the frontier against the Indians. After the war, he moved to Westmoreland County and then to Washington County, and in 1799 to Armstrong County. He applied for pension on 17 December 1834, while a resident of Perry Township, Armstrong County. His claim was not allowed as frontier service against Indians was not pensionable under the Act of 7 June 1832, under which he applied. In the Armstrong County Court, a number of documents were sworn to prove that Gideon Gibson was in the revolutionary War in addition to the Indian Wars. George Gideon (not a relative) swore in Armstrong County that Gideon was in the same Company as he was and at the same time. Pension claim, R. 3993 was finally awarded to his widow. (Source: Gideon’s Rev. War Pension Records)

GIBSON, Samuel M.

GIBSON, Samuel M. Buried at Brick Church Cemetery in Burrell Twp. (Source: Veterans Affairs.)


GREEN, John. 1766 – 1850. Buried in the Green Cemetery in North Buffalo Township. (Source: Cemetery Records, Veterans records.)

GREEN, William

GREEN, William. 1740 – 1830. Buried in Green Cemetery in North Buffalo Township. (Source: Cemetery Records, Veterans Records)

From the Death Register at the Armstrong County Courthouse that was kept in the early 1850s, the entry for James Green, son of William, states that James was born in New Jersey on 13 May 1775, son of William & Mary Green. James died 14 April 1853, buried in Green’s Burial Ground, North Buffalo Township. This is further evidence that William Green was from New Jersey.

UPDATE: William Green was from New Jersey and all the evidence shows he was a Loyalist, not a Patriot. Apparently his headstone and the Revolutionary War flag holder were put in the cemetery much later by a person trying to join the DAR. Much has been written about this, too much to add here. For those interested, Google William Green, Mary Huey. There is sourced research to be found, including a deposition he made, but so much conflicting information makes it hard to learn the true facts.

GUTHREY, William

GUTHREY, William. Died 1828. (Source: Penna. Archives, 2nd Series Vol. XIII, pg. 89) Elizabeth Brownlee married in July, 1784, William Guthrie of Hannastown, Westmoreland County. He enlisted in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, in May 1776, in Capt. James McConnel’s Pennsylvania company of the flying camp, was in the battles of Trenton and Princeton and was discharged in January, 1777. He enlisted in 1780 and served as lieutenant in Capt. Mathew Jack’s company of Pennsylvania rangers, and he served another year as Captain of a company of rangers. After the close of the Revolutionary War, William and Elizabeth Guthrie moved to that part of Westmoreland County which was later called Armstrong County and he was killed by a fall from a wagon on 10 March, 1828, at which time he was 73 years of age.

Elizabeth, the widow of William Guthrie, died on 11 Feb. 1842, in or near Redbank Township, Clarion County, Pennsylvania at the home of her son, Joseph Brownlee Guthrie, and she was then 87 years of age. She was survived by the following children: James Guthrie, Joanna or Johanna Guthrie who lived in Jefferson Co., PA, and Joseph Brownlee Guthrie and William Guthrie who lived in Clarion County, Pennsylvania. In 1849 it was stated that Jane (the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Brownlee) had married Jesse Hukel and had moved to Muskingum County, Ohio, and that the family did not know whether she was then living or dead, as they had not heard from her for 8 years. Said Jane was 4 years old in 1786. On 25 June, 1847, the above-noted Joseph Brownlee Guthrie applied for pension that was due the surviving children of Elizabeth Guthrie, on account of the Revolutionary War service of Joseph Brownlee and the claim was allowed.

In 1847, Sarah Beatty, aged 84 years and a resident of North Buffalo Township, Armstrong County, PA., stated that she was the sister of Elizabeth Guthrie and that her father (name not given) moved to the vicinity of Hannastown, Pennsylvania, before the Revolutionary War. She did not give the date and place of birth of her father nor his place of residence before moving to Hannastown. Said Sarah married William Beatty, 8 July 1783. In 1847 _ Beatty of Armstrong County, who married John Beatty 31 December 1789, stated that she was the sister of Elizabeth Guthrie and she stated that when the Indians killed Joseph Brownlee they killed her bother (name not given) at the same place. No further family data. (Pension Claim of Joseph Brownlee # W. 3245.

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