ORR, Robert

Robert Orr, buried in Kittanning Cemetery, Rayburn Township.
Robert ORR. Revolutionary Pension File #S4631. On 21 September 1832, Robert ORR, aged 87, appeared before the Court in Kittanning to apply for a pension. He stated that he entered the service under Colonel Archibald LOCHREY with Captains Thomas STOKELY, William CAMPBELL and himself. About the 1st of June 1781, Robert ORR raised and commanded a company at his own expense. They marched down the Ohio and were attacked by Indians on 24 August 1781, with half the men killed, including Colonel LOCHREY, and the other half taken prisoner. Robert ORR was taken to a hospital in Detroit with a broken arm, where he stayed until the next spring. He was then sent to jail in Montreal, then to Quebec, and eventually exchanged at New York. He returned home to Hannah’s Town, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania in May 1783, only to find it had been burned by the Indians during his absence. He said he was born in the Parish of McCaskey, County Derry, Ireland. He lived at Hannah’s Town but moved to Armstrong County in 1792. He was an Associate Judge of the Court of Common Pleas for Armstrong County. He died 4 September 1833.

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