FINDLAY, David. Residing in Armstrong County in 1810. (Source: Penna. Archives, 2nd Series Vol. XIII, pg. 69)

FISCUS, Abraham

Revolutionary War Pension File #W2778. Abraham and Catharine FISCUS. Abraham FISCUS appeared before the Court in Kittanning on 17 September 1832, aged 72 and a resident of Plumcreek Township, Armstrong County. He states: He was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1760. He lived about seven miles from Greensburg, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, when he entered the service, but since the war has resided in Plumcreek Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. He volunteered under Captain Jeremiah LOUGHRY at Colonel Archibald LOUGHRY’s Blockhouse, Westmoreland County, in April 1777 or 1778. The 1st Lieutenant was John GUTHRIE and 2nd Lieutenant was James IRWIN. He stated that persons known to him in the present neighborhood in Armstrong County are: George BECK, James and John RICHARD, Absalom WOODWARD of Crooked Creek; and Richard GRAHAM. Children mentioned are William FISCUS and Margaret HUNTER. Abraham FISCUS died 30 April 1834 in Armstrong County. His widow Catharine FISCUS appeared before the Court in Kittanning on 21 March 1842. She was then 75 years of age. She declared she was married to Abraham FISCUS in September 1784, by Reverend William WEAVER, pastor of the German Reformed Congregation of Westmoreland County. John McCULLOUGH, now of Butler County, Pennsylvania, was present at the wedding. She states that her oldest son William was then (1842) 56 years old.

1853. Samuel FISCUS of Armstrong County, aged 36, goes before the Court in Kittanning to say he was well acquainted with Abraham and Catharine FISCUS, who resided with his parents. He states that Catharine died at her son William’s residence in Armstrong County in September or October 1845, leaving seven children surviving:

Abraham FISCUS, aged about 62 years. Twin to Catharine.
Catharine BROWN, widow, aged about 62 years. Twin to Abraham.
William FISCUS, aged about 68 years.
Philip FISCUS, aged about 50 years.
Christena GOULD, aged about 5? years.
Margaret HUNTER, aged about 54 years.
Polly AYRES, aged about 65 years.

Note: Rev. William Weaver is most likely Rev. Wilhelm Weber.

Among the papers of Abraham Fiscus is a sworn statement from Gabriel A. Richart, a resident of Armstrong County and a Clergyman who certifies “that he is well acquainted with Fiscus and believes his declaration that he was a soldier of the Revolutionary War”. Sworn in open Court (Armstrong County) on the 21st day of March A.D. 1833.

Fiscus, Abraham. Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. Pensioner. Granted a Gratuity and an Annuity, both for 40 dollars, 8 April 1833. Source: Pennsylvania General Assembly, House of Representatives, Volume 48, part 2, page 226. Date:1838. Pensioners of Armstrong County.


Jesse Fulton was granted a Gratuity of 80 dollars and an Annuity of 40 dollars, as a Pensioner living in Armstrong County, 5 February 1836. Source: Pennsylvania General Assembly, House of Representatives, Volume 48, part 2, page 226. Date:1838. Pensioners of Armstrong County.

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