YUNDT, Daniel

Daniel Yundt, 28 July 1748 – 2 June 1836. Buried at Christ Rupp Lutheran Cemetery in Kittanning Township. Yundt is one of the earlier spellings for the name we now know as Yount. Jundt is another variation.

Daniel Yundt

Daniel Yundt

Revolutionary War Pension File #S8000.
16 December 1834. Peter YUNGST, aged 75 years on 6 May next, resident of Allegheny Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. He appeared before the court in Kittanning to apply for a pension. He was living at Lebanon, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, when he went into the service as a substitute for his father, Henry YUNGST. He was born in Germany near the River Rhine on 6 May 1760, and lived at Lebanon, Lancaster County when called into service. Sometime after the war he moved to Cumberland County where he lived 16 years and then moved to Allegheny County near Pittsburgh for about 9 years. He then moved to Armstrong County where he still resided in 1834. (He was still there in the 1840 census.)

1840 Federal Census, Pensioners for Revolution or Military Service
YUNGST, PETER, age 80, resident of Allegheny Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania

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